Blue Skies with Zach Lewis

I spent some quality time with photographer Zach Lewis as a subject for his recurring Photo Interview feature in Blue Skies Magazine. The result is a deeper-than-expected profile published in the August 2017 issue and some beautiful photos that I feel extremely grateful for. I should add that Zach is far too modest about his skills with a grill, and if he would ever get around to publishing a cookbook, I would buy it! 

Blue Skies is one of the only independent magazines that provides an outlet and a voice for skydivers, BASE jumpers, and other nylon enthusiasts. Because it is not owned by an association that charges dues, like Parachutist (published by USPA), it is supported largely by subscriptions and not all content is made available free online. If you like these few pages, please consider subscribing if you don't already! 

Photo Interview: PDF