Wingsuit Safety: An Alternative Motion for USPA

I'm at the USPA Board Meeting here in Minneapolis. Following spirited debate on the Wingsuit Instructor Rating for an hour or so, the committee is taking a break to consider options. I just sent the following to members of the Safety and Training Committee: 

I would like to propose an alternative motion: to form a "task force" to update and expand SIM 6-9 and put together a package of information for dropzones with simple, accessible suggestions to include (but not limited to):

-pilot communications, airspeed, and run-in issues

-controlling airspace -basic wingsuit safety assessments (checking legstraps before boarding, five questions to determine a jumper's proficiency)

-identifying classes of wingsuits and experience levels suggested for each

I will volunteer to coordinate this effort. Rather than just putting a motion to the board that presents an Instructor Rating or no action, we should have an alternative that promotes education and safety without the bureaucracy and chilling effect of regulating advanced skydiving training. This is my positive suggestion.

Thank you. -Taya