Raise the Sky's Project XRW: Dubai. Photo by Jeff Nebelkopf

Project XRW Dubai Documentary

A lot of very hard work and passion went into the making of this video. It tells the story of our team, a group of people who wanted to change the world through the most spectacular human flight and the most fearless outreach – and the dropzone, Skydive Dubai, that believed in our dreams enough to help make them come true.

Project XRW: Dubai from Raise the Sky on Vimeo.

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  1. Hello Taya. I have just watced the video and loved it a lot. It is great ot see you are still reaching out to those who need help. It is a wonderful thing you are doing. Congrats to you, and the team!! I enjoyed wingsuiting with you in past years and when we did the 68 way back in 2009. Some of the 3D jumps we did at Skydive new England I will never forget as well. And I do remeber your comment about how big my smile was when climbing to the top of the formation by you. It was a great feeling. Unfortunatly for myself my phiscal condition has kept me from jumping this past year. I will always cherish the time I spent wingsuiting and jumping with you and your organization. I would like to think I also helped a little bit, in 2009, for some others not so fortunate. Keep up the great work and I thanks for the great video as well. Perhaps we will cross paths again someday. Play safe and fly free…. Ralph Armstrong

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